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Print Policies

You will find my policies regarding prints and reproductions below. I understand the importance of being honest and transparent to the art lover and collector about what it is they are collecting. 

Hand Signed Information on Prints

Print information will be hand written by the artist on each print. 

Signature Hand Signed by Jeremy Baker
Date Hand signed date is the date of the print completion, not of the original artwork completion. Some painting reproductions will also have the date of original artwork completion within the image itself and that is part of the original painting.
Painting to Print "Painting to Print" signifies that a print is an artist created reproduction of an original artwork. It is guaranteed 100% artist created, not hired out to a third party for mass production. Including the original artwork capture; Image editing and color correction to faithfully represent the original artwork; Print Prep and Print; Hand signed signature and information; and optional protective varnish application. 
Serial Number

Example: #SaSp2016-1-LE

  • Character 1(#): indicates begin serial number
  • Characters 2-5(SaSp): In the example "SaSp" is an abbreviation for Sacred Spaceship
  • Characters 6-9(2016): The year of the prints production
  • Number between hyphens(-1-):  The number is a running tally, no matter the size, varnish, or year. It doesnt reset. In the example it is 1, indicating the first print
  • Letters after the hyphen(LE or OE): This inidicates the print series type. In the example LE indicates the print is part of an Limited Edition. OE would indicate a Open Edition.