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Id's Cavern - finished 2/16/17

Completed: 2/16/17

Title: Id's Cavern
Series: Pit Stop Painting
Dimensions: 30 x 40
Acrylic on Canvas


Another Pit Stop Painting. Sharing the same intentions as "Grape Juice Electric", and "Connecting Anyways". At the moment I'll refer to this painting as "Formation". 

Formation has led me astray. One of the elements in this series is to block out most of the content with a large swath of color. The large swath has become a sense of space in this one. I couldnt really help myself. I generally tinker with depth and the picture plane. My go to is to have a contradictory plane that is neither flat nor depth. I plan to keep the sense of space in this painting. 



This is the last of this set of 3. Im gonna play with high chroma darks and thicker transparency. 



Quite a bit of progress over the past few days. The background and background formation have been darkened and set back. It really clarifies the space. I also had to make a decision where I wanted the background formation to fall on the shape/form scale. I ended up going with shape that leans to form.

Im really happy about how the upper right corner has turned out, thats one of those spaces thats not an eye grabber but ends up being a nice suprise when completed.

Today I cleaned up the object on the right side of the painting. This object is 2 objects that overlay each other, but combine visually. I have to dirty it up and slightly adjust the chroma. This painting is almost done.


The Structure on the right side, in the midground is the last of the "making it belong" pieces. I was unsure of where it was supposed to go so I went orange with it and that was completely wrong. So to cover that up I layed down a dirty white and that looks amazing, and blends well with the rest of the painting. Then next steps now are to really pop out some colors and up the contrast level of the whole piece.


All structural and color components completed. Tonight I Cleaned up lines in the foreground. All Thats left is to apply slight transparent color to the clean lines, apply final background transparency and sign it! almost their.