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Trying to Hold Steady In the Storm

Title: VLC:C1 (Trying to Hold Steady In the Storm)
Series: VLC
Starting Associations: Source Heat, Bat hanging in cave 
Dimensions: 22" x 36"
Acrylic on Canvas


Jeremy Bakers Work in progress for Holding steady in the storm

The above image is the initial color block in. This piece starts as a story of calm meditation while driven by a fire source. I see it as a bat hanging upside down in a cave with the energy/fire ball. Unsure if the shape at the lower right corner is a hole, or a sphere. Considering leaving that ambiguity.

Trying to Hold Steady in the Storm

Sometimes I'll start a painting and there is a general idea of its essence, and when I make it back around to working on it my current situation aligns perfectly. Appropriate.

Added my new texture technique the the object hanging down from the top. This painting has been one that gets good feedback at each step, and then when I move onto the next step with it, everyones like..Why! Just because! Its journey isnt complete.

Background colors are worked out. This pic doesnt show the subtleness of the color shift in the background. The line of the hanging shape is a dark blue color and it goes really nicely with the new background. Popped the yellow section to bring the overall luminosity of the painting up