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VLC - Trying to Hold Steady In the Storm - Finished 8/6/17

Title: VLC:C1 (Trying to Hold Steady In the Storm)
Series: VLC
Starting Associations: Source Heat, Bat hanging in cave 
Dimensions: 22" x 36"
Acrylic on Canvas

The beginning:

Jeremy Bakers Work in progress for Holding steady in the storm

The above image is the initial color block in. This piece starts as a story of calm meditation while driven by a fire source. I see it as a bat hanging upside down in a cave with the energy/fire ball. Unsure if the shape at the lower right corner is a hole, or a sphere. Considering leaving that ambiguity.

Trying to Hold Steady in the Storm - work in progress

Sometimes I'll start a painting and there is a general idea of its essence. I usually work on several paintings at a time, so ill put a painting up for a bit until its time to work on it again.  Sometimes when I make it back around to working on the piece, my current life situation doesn't align with the essence of the piece. I will either put the painting up again, or make a change in direction. This painting was one of those that when i made it back around to working on it, it was perfectly aligned to where my life was. Appropriate.

Trying to Hold Steady in the Storm - work in progress

Added my new texture technique to the the hanging object. This painting has been one that gets good feedback at each step, and then when I move onto the next step with it, everyones like..Why! Just because! Its journey isn't complete.

Trying to Hold Steady in the Storm - Almost Done

Background colors are worked out. This pic doesnt show the subtleness of the color shift in the background. The line of the hanging shape is a dark blue color and it goes really nicely with the new background. Popped the yellow section to bring the overall luminosity of the painting up