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Phallic Flight Fight

Title: Phallic Flight Fight
Series: Small Stages
Starting Associations: melancholy swirl, a building of strength, winged penis with a gladiator mask on, essence of object 
Dimensions:36" x 12"
Acrylic and Graphite on Canvas

About the series this piece is a part of
I generally work on large canvases, but a need for smaller less developed pieces continues to arise so I came up with the concept for this series. Making use of my current working process of energizing pieces with initial explosive line work, and then developing to a finished spot before blowing it out and pulling it back in again. With this series, I will not blow it out, but continue to refine until it reaches the next complete stage.  Each piece gets to a stopping point for show or print, and then if its still around I continue to develop. It will be ongoing and prints will be available for each stage, even after the painting itself has left that stage behind.

Painting Development

Stage 1:

The above image is the stage 1 stopping point and it was to meet a deadline for the Pancake and Booze Houston art show.

Shape and direction are supported by contrast, value, and hue in the left and right sections. Duality in essence is being used to represent this fundamental and dynamic male drive.

Stage 2 Work in Progress:


Continuing to define the shapes and add to the depth.