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Own Your Twist

Jeremy Bakers Own Your Twist Stage 1 Final

Title: Own Your Twist
Series: Small Stages
Starting Associations: Flag, Heat of Desire turned the Heat of a Dessert, Keeping upright in the highs, Claiming the twisting lows
Dimensions:36" x 12"
Acrylic and Graphite on Canvas

Painting Development 

Refining the Line Work:
Jeremy Bakers Own Your Twist Stage 1 Work in Progress

This piece is divided into three sections using vertical lines. Each section has a flow into the neighboring section, but they are broken to make sure they take on characteristics of their own.

Jeremy Bakers Own Your Work in Progress Stage 1

Just slight changes from the previous installment. The shapes are all clarified and the last few decisions before paint have been made. By this time Im getting a since of the left side being a dessert. The middle section is an emotional twist/turmoil, and the right section seems to be taking flight and I get a sense of an offering of some sort.