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Sentiment of Grape Juice Electric - Finished 12/18/16

Completed 12/18/16



Title: Sentiment of Grape Juice Electric
Series: Pit Stop Painting
Dimensions: 30 x 40
Acrylic on Canvas

My main ongoing series, VLC, has been my main focus for years, and will continue to be until the series is complete. Along the way, I often get Ideas I'd like to explore, but don't quite fit, or are not developed enough, to be in my VLC series. Thats where my Pit Stop Painting designation comes in. 

Sentiment of Grape Juice Electric is part of a set of 3. With this series I am aiming to test out a new color palette, complete the pieces in a relatively timely manner, and block most content out with a large swath of solid color. 

My previous color palette was heavily influenced by my background in print and the idea of reaching as many colors as possible with as few colors as possible. Im still working under that umbrella, but previously I Intentionally chose to have a cap on the chroma ratings of the colors I chose for ease of continuity. Now I am opening that up with higher chroma colors, and some additional secondary tube paint. 

I've been itching to get more texture into my work, so I'll be testing gel and medium mixtures to find some to my liking. 

The Initial stage of Grape Juice Electric, and the others in this series as well, was a focused explosion with charcoal and acrylics. I've been working from an initial expressive explosion and then refining the outcome for some time now. 


So... My new palette has me in frustrated fits. I thought I may run across transparency issues because of my working process, and laying down solid sections of underpainting. I finally gave in and added a couple opaque base colors for dealing with this problem. Really, this kinda excites me, because when I worked with oils, I liked a different set of paints for the base and the final layers, It really made it sing. So, although I just complicated my palette, its going to also make it easier to deal with and allow for the colors to play off of each other. 


Made some overall color adjustments to pull the color range in. The Dark area has a nice texture from the Heavy Gel, Im going to up that texture and make the dark area a subtle shifting from deep dark and rich purple to a dark low chroma blue. Im in the finishing refinement stage.