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Moon Eye In the Sky

Title: Moon Eye In the Sky
Series: Black and White
Initial Associations: Hovering Object with heavy presence, water, dancing souls, shimmering and shaky, hillside overlook, vertical stones/beams
Dimensions: 36" x 48"
Acrylic and Charcoal on Canvas 

About the series this piece is a part of:
There are 3 pieces in this black and white series. I start my pieces with a focused expressive explosion, and then refine from there. In this series the initial expressive explosion was done using Montana refillable markers. They allow another level of freedom and control in conjunction with raw expression.

This Piece really had a strong begining point so the level of development needed to bring it to completion is minimal. Focused on bringing in my newly developed texture technique into the focus areas of the piece. All thats left from this point is creating a wash effect similar to the moon surface in the eye shape on the floating object. Ill have some simple value adjustments to make so that the moon eye highlights are the brightest components on the piece.