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Hidden Balance

Title: Hidden Balance
Series: Small Stages
Starting Associations:  Balancing your natural inclinations, Effect of surroundings, Beauty in darkness
Dimensions: 36" x 12"
Acrylic and Graphite on Canvas


Painting Development:

The beginning for this piece. I had a rough idea of how i wanted to split this canvas so I did two separate focused line explosions, one of the far left and then the remainder of the canvas. In the above image you can see the difference in line, on the far left the line is tight and a lot of it. On the mid to right the lines are less in amount and also looser.

Put the vertical divider line in and starting to eliminate lines and clarify the shapes to work with.

The last stage of pencil work. Its ready for paint. At this point I have a general idea of what this piece means to me. In the right section the bulk object represents the magnitude that emotions can play, all the while they balance on the small twig. Holding steady but ripe for a shattering. That idea really captures me. The twig could represent doubt, but in its current state, still holding the weight, it represents belief and determination. The left section seems to be behind the scenes or internal workings of the balancing act on the right.