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Bay Dwellers

Title: Bay Dwellers
Series: VLC
Starting Associations: Crab Claw, Galveston Bay, Battleship Texas, Eyeless Feathered
Dimensions: 78" x 48"
Acrylic on Canvas


Another from my VLC series. This painting has my attention. Its fun, it gets me excited considering the possibilities for the next step. While in the association phase of this piece, Galveston Bay kept pulling me in. The large form in the middle of the painting is going to lean towards the characteristics of a crab claw. The object in the lower right corner keeps reminding me of a bird I saw while kayaking on the Armand bayou in the Houston bay area, just above clear clear lake. The background is going to lean towards Galveston bay water and sediment and the darker area is going to be inspired by the Battleship Texas.



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