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VLC - The Value and Line Chart Series: The Basics


I work with acrylic paint, mediums, pencil, and varnish. My work is primarily line and brush based expression evolving with visual association towards form, object, and idea. The relationships of colors within the painting plays a significant part in the compositions, as well as deconstructing and tinkering with the picture plane. 

The current series I am working on is “VLC” or Value Line Chart.  The VLC is a chart of 50 different sections, separated into 5 value strips. When observed from a distance it just looks like 5 value strips besides each other. But when observed closer you can see that it is 50 individual works of line based abstract form.

 The VLC series is based off an autonomous line, simultaneous contrast chart I created some time ago. Creating the chart, several areas of study and interest came together; develop my understanding of simultaneous contrast in respect to value; seed for my visual association approach, enhanced by time to allow the forms to settle with me; dedication to hard line with a brush, which I carry on from my passed grandfathers approach to his profession of sign painting.

 Each painting developed from the chart has a period of gestation and consideration. Some I decide are strong enough to develop without furthering the visual associations and work within the confines of form and color. Others have such strong and enticing associations I have to decide on the degree to which it will be developed. I prefer the imagery to only hint towards an association, not be to literal. The paintings continue to evolve as I work on them, they are not stuck at the original inspiration.

 I see these paintings as a balance of raw energy and refinement.